Whatever Happened to Just Being Good?

OK, I’m older and I get that, but are any of you like me in that you just don't get the philosophy or mentality of these new times we live in? Here is what I see: in the new “ME" society it is no longer necessary to actually achieve something, instead just go on Facebook and tell everyone of your successes, forget to mention your non-successes and to hell with your average. I have yet to find a golf instructor on Facebook who does not profess to work miracles. I am wondering if the younger generation has ever heard the story of the “Boy That Cried Wolf”.

We are rapidly approaching the point were golfers will not take lessons unless you can promise to add 50 yards to their next drive or take 20 shots off their next round of golf.

The golf world is crying out for simple golf instruction and today’s teaching pros are throwing gear effect, spin rates and ground force effects at us. Holy crap, I’ve been teaching this game for 40+ years and I don't recognize golf-talk anymore!

What’s going on?  To me, the current instruction seems to be all about science, and somehow this magically makes it superior. The young guys are great at force vectors, gear ratios, and they’re great at numbers and stats.  What they don't seem to be very good at is looking at the stats that tell the rest of us golfers that we are barely, if at all, showing any improvement. Every time I post things showing how there is hardly a difference in scoring averages since 1950, how there is no difference in greens and regulation fairways, or how putting averages have not changed since stats started, I get no response.

Now remember, the equipment back then was nowhere near as good as it is today. Our young guys have no memory of how the golf balls curved with the slightest miss-hit, how there were a lot more variations in course conditions, etc., etc., etc.

Here’s my issue.  We are creating a generation of tellers and we are losing our teachers. Yes, technology may be okay, but only in the hands of a great teacher. And I guess that needs a definition... Modern/Today teacher = person who can spew forth the most amount of big words in one paragraph.  Old school great teacher = a person who can practically teach you to breathe through your ears and all of a sudden you’re hitting the ball better. Sometimes when I read the current stuff I swear these new guys are only trying to impress each other while letting the student be damned.

I truly hope that I am dead wrong in what I’m saying. If someone can show me the evidence that “new is better” I will be all in. Until then, you’re stuck with me doing what I know works.  HANDS ON INSTRUCTION.

As always your thoughts are welcome.