What the HECK is going on

Golf may be the greatest game in the world, one of the biggest reasons being that you can call penalties on yourself. The game seems to shun those who would try to cheat it, including those situations when people are playing together. I have been playing golf for almost 50 years and teaching it for 40+ years and I cannot think of a single incident where I got paired up with players who I didn’t like (to any great degree).  I am sure unpleasant pairings do happen at times, but much less in this sport than any other. There is something about golf rules that keep the "like to break rules" people away. Now with that said, WHAT THE HECK is going on in the world of golf instruction!?

I go on Facebook and read about all these incredible claims of reduced scores and adding yardages to your drives.

If you’re a golf instructor and you can’t take 10 shots off the player’s next game or add 20-30 yards to his next tee shot, you’re going to go broke. I wrote a blog about this a couple of weeks ago entitled "The Golf Pro That Cried Wolf".

It’s getting worse all the time...spin rates, gear effects, ground forces, alpha torque, force vectors… holy crap Batman.

My opinion. All this is done and created because instructors want to separate themselves from each other. It's one-upmanship going crazy.

At what point is enough, enough? Does it really matter which neural fiber needs to engage which endoplasm?

Personally, I just enjoy the challenge of getting the person in front of me to play better than they ever thought they could.

I love the idea of technology, but I don’t like how we are abusing it.

Cheers, Mark.