What Does Getting Great Look Like?

Sept 30 I guess we can only relate to what we have experienced. I am continually amazed at people like Zuckerberg, Walt Disney, Bill Gates, guys who had huge visions and were able to make them happen. They must have had something going on inside that is different than the rest of us.

I once had the great pleasure of being an acquaintance of one of the world’s richest men, he was an awesome cool guy, and he took me out for ice cream one night (I paid). This man told me about how when he was a young man he put together a 40-year plan to achieve his goal.  I can’t even begin to fathom that. But maybe the reason I haven’t achieved my goal is that I just wished it, I didn’t plan it.

Golf. I definitely have an idea of how I would go about becoming a world class player if I were young again. From what I see, though, the vision and idea I have does not match up to how young people who want this same goal are conducting their daily lives.

This is probably why so few will actually make it. Some have an exterior understanding – they get up and go to the gym, go work on their drills and their short game, etc.

But this is not what I am envisioning. There are people who appear to have done the above, but along the way– mostly and probably by a fluke – developed a deeper understanding of what they need to know. On the surface it looks like they put in the same day as those that do not make it, but something different happened.

I wish more of these dreamers would go about achieving by taking the time to seek out a mentor and to study why so many never made it.

Don’t just set goals, make yourself explain how you are going to obtain them.

My opinion. There’s too much fluff and not enough substance. If people fail, I want them to fail because of lack of talent, not because of lack of guidance.

I guess it then depends on your definition of proper guidance.