Tiger's New Swing Thoughts...


This is my personal opinion . The only reason I would give Tiger any chance to do well in the future in golf is because he is Tiger .

Golf is far more than a good swing, SO MUCH is governed by your golf and or personal confidence level, Tigers confidence got rocked the night he hit the fire hydrant .

We love to talk golf swing ,we want to believe in magic ,wouldn't it be special if Tiger found some secret we could all tap into , he is still talking about ballistic speed and working out getting stronger .

Here is what I hope you start to hear: Tiger to take the stress off his back has realized he needs to start using his hands more effectively and stop trying to propel the ball with body contortions .

I fear we are going to watch one of the greatest to ever play swing tentatively out of fear of doing some series damage to his back that will have an effect far greater than just golf .

The guy is a true champ and I doubt he has it in him to back down . That could prove to be physically  costly ..