The Professional That Cried Wolf!

As a golf instructor for the last 40 years, I have seen and heard just about everything that could be said on the learning and teaching of the golf swing. I am a big fan of many of the old time instructors: Percy Boomer, Earnest Jones, Homer Kelley, Jim Flick, Harvey Pennick and others. Looking back you see the lack of tech they had to work with and the terrible golf equipment, the bad golf balls, bad course conditions, the kids who didn’t train from birth, the lack of money to play (thereby, golf didn’t attract the best athletes). They had no first tee programs, no real physical conditioning programs, sports psychologists, laser yardage indicators, no real professional caddies and so on. You have to wonder how they produced players that had scoring averages that match many of today’s players.

Today’s guys have all the technology. They use hi-speed cameras, ball spin data and calculations coming out of every -----.

As a guy who loves this game and loves communicating with those wanting to learn – those who really want to learn and don’t just pretend they want to learn – I look at what is happening in today’s world of golf and just want to cry.

Everywhere you look there are instructors willing to make outrageous claims on the successes they get. I look through Facebook and can’t find a single golf lesson failure. Guys are proclaiming how they’re knocking 10 shots off student’s games in minutes and adding 30 yards to drives the very next swing. The problem is, the stats are just not backing up the claims. We have become a society where the exception has become the rule.

My feeling is that golfers are becoming immune to all the hype and claims and way too much time and energy goes into hyping up the latest infomercial. All this while not enough energy goes into doing things that will actually improve the player.

How would my approach work as an infomercial? Golf is a very hard game to get good at, it takes gathering the correct information and then much time at skill development. For this you need patience, dedication, a clear plan and time to train. I don't think this would be a big seller.

However, this is exactly the path I want to take. I want to attract those who enjoy procedure, communication and dedication. Please do not misinterpret what I am saying here. It is absolutely my belief that this is the fastest and best way to achieve long term ownership of your game.

I hope you’ll read through my material, watch my clips, and see if my style is the right one for you.

The fastest way is to look into my ebook where you’ll quickly be able to tell if you enjoy my approach.

Cheers, Mark.