The Process: Give Them What They Want

Blog-Sept 28 Ouch!  Give them what they want, not what they need.  I think this is what golf instruction has morphed into. Appease the masses, tell them what they want to hear.

Before blogging came out I used to write articles for golf magazines. When I first started I thought it was so cool that I was able to reach out to thousands of golfers at a time, grow my business and get my message out there. I thought the magazine picked me because so many knew of me and how well respected I was. SILLY ME, the truth was while a lot did know who I was, the magazine cared very little for what I had to say, they only wanted readership (eye balls). I would set off to write an article, let’s say on creating more club head speed and the article would be 3000 words. I would submit it and the editor would call me back and say, “We only have room for 300 words, we need to fit an ad on the same page.” I would say that speed cannot be explained correctly in 300 words.  He’d respond, "If you won’t do it I will find someone who will.” Ouch!

That’s the way golf is heading.  The way it is directly presented correlates to what the masses want, which in general is a free miracle. LOL.  We have gotten away from what the truth is and what it is to love the procedure.

I love this game and all it should stand for and I would like to think that all will enjoy my approach, but I know that is a naïve expectation. The best I can do is present my view and hope to gather like-minded learners.

I hope you join in on my site and learn to navigate its depth of understandings.

My job is to present the correct information in an organized manner. Your job is to enjoy the process.

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Cheers, Mark.