The Dumbed Down Game of Golf (for members only)

vintage clubs The game of golf has been played for over 700 years and I find it very hard to believe there is anything new. Yes, it’s been repackaged and given new names, but it’s highly unlikely there is anything really “new”. There is new technology, data devices, weight pressure monitors, and training devices. But I am pretty sure that one day they are going to open an ancient pyramid and find the King buried with all his golf training devices.

I had an early TrackMan device 30 years ago, it ran by an overhead light and a Commodore 64 or something like that. And I had an insole that measured your weight pressure 20 years ago and a laser that popped out of a visor to help you keep your head still 15+ years ago. Now in 2015, I go on Facebook and see ads saying these things are brand new and revolutionary finds.

Handicaps have barely budged in 50 years even though golf pros seem to have more science than NASA, so how is it that golfers are not improving as a general rule?

Let me give you my opinion. It could be golfers are too lazy or cannot afford the time needed to learn the game of golf – although I would suggest we have more time now than we did in the past. It could be the equipment used and course conditions, etc. ( I can guarantee you it’s not that ).

The Reason. We have dumbed down the required information so much that it is now incomplete and it is just wrong information. Furthermore, instead of making the information complete and therefore correct, we bowed to the masses who were screaming to make golf simple. The fact is, it was already as simple as it could be made by 1950, and from then on we made it impossible.

Now we have machines that can tell us every neuron and its firing order and we are still not getting any better. I once read that taking a complex subject and trying to make it simple does not necessarily make it simple because you take out important pieces.

We should have instead learned to make the needed process fun.

The game will start to become more possible when we stop looking for quick tips and rather relax and enjoy the journey.

As far as instruction goes, it is my finding that it is never only just one thing that will help you, it is almost, if not always two things.

I hope you will join my website where I can promise the complete explanations can be found.

The fastest why to fix any golf problem is through correct information, not by how many balls you hit.

Cheers, Mark