Oct3-vintage.balls I had a comment given to me today.

First of all, I very much question if the new instruction is better than the old. And usually I just get personal attacks back, there are seldom if any intelligent responses. It just always seems to go straight to a personal attack and to hell with stats.

It was suggested that if the new age players went back to the 6400 yard courses their stats would be better than that of the old guys.

A couple of questions:

#1. How would the stats of the young guys change if they played from 6400 yards with the old ball, old equipment and no access to all the new data devices?

#2. If we gave the old guys all the new equipment and 6400 yards, how would that change their stats?

My point. Are we sure that what we are now doing is better?

I think there is a big difference between information and applied knowledge.

I think this a fair comparison, and I’d love to hear if you can think of a better way to compare.