Old School and Damn Proud of It

Oct23-OldSchoolBlog I am Old School and damn proud of it.

We had a nice one hour long video conference call with David Leadbetter. It was great to see and hear his passion for teaching the game. As many of you may be aware, there seems to be an internal fight in the golf teaching world between Old School teachers and the new wave of instructors.

There’s probably no way around this argument. Apparently you’re in one camp or the other, and it seems you’re not allowed to believe middle ground would be best.

I thought Mr. Leadbetter made a great point when he said instinct is being bred out of the new players as well as the teachers. We’ve got all caught up in the numbers, and our players and teachers are losing their ability to think on the fly.

He made the point that the new technology should be seen as a tool to assist. My take is that we’ve started to rely on the tech and are giving away our power as instructors. As well, the players are giving up their power to the machine.

I personally think that the two sides can co-exist nicely: those who believe in tech should go for it; and for those who enjoy Old School and don’t want tech, let them find old guys like me.

I love Old School because I think it is more communication oriented, more hands on and more personable.

High Tech is fun, you get to learn a new language and you get to see yourself in an animated form.

Room for both.

Cheers, Mark ( Old School ) Evershed