Needed: A Deciphering Website


I have been trying to come up with a blog for a week now. Lately it’s been difficult, the reason being that I can go on the internet and anything you want to find out about golf is right there in front of you.

I look in amazement at the amount of golf instruction available. I watch and read so many different articles from so many different golf pros(?) and there are so many different opinions that it makes my head spin.

We keep saying that the golf swing is too complex, when the truth is more likely that it’s just delivered in many different ways.

Maybe what we need is a deciphering website – a site you can go to that has weeded through all the different terminologies and delivery styles and just gives us the boiled down, needed information.

Certainly a culture has developed where individuals and groups are looking deeper into the inner workings of muscle groups and firing orders. We have guys creating new names for what were traditionally accepted motions but are now explained through complex graphs and quantum physics, etc.

Personally, I like Old School.

Check out my 12-minute video explanation of how I see it.

Cheers, Mark.