I'm Back - Better Than Ever

Mark Teaching3 Dear Golfing Friends,

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to post a blog or upload to YouTube. I‘ve moved to Florida this last year to open up my new golf academy at Orange County National Golf Club.

For this first blog of my new website I wanted to do something different, something that represents how I see the learning of golf, and something that gives you a clear and quick idea of what my plan to be different is.

In the golf teaching business – and yes, it is now a business – many are vying for their piece of the market share. In doing this, claims of ridiculous accomplishments are being made, such as “add 50 yards to your next drive”, “take 10 shots off your next game”, etc. These claims are so prevalent that the Golf Pro who wants to be realistically honest about your expected outcome would be considered a bad business man.

My Approach: Over the last year I have joined forces with Core Golf, a group of world leaders in growing the game of golf. I now have the infrastructure that allows me to get my teaching out in numerous ways, and I will be taking the approach that steady, correctly organized information will get you to where you want to go.

Those able to believe that their lack of success is a result of wrong and/or poorly organized information will enjoy what I do, and those looking for a so-called “quick fix” will not.

Please take the time to view my website and take advantage of my free ebook offering. I believe that once you see how well laid out and organized my system is, you will see how when it is followed success is a given.