How would you know?

Nov25-How Would You Know?
Nov25-How Would You Know?

I’ve been playing the game for 50 years and teaching it for 40 + years.

The crazy thing about this game is that it’s entirely possible on Day One to hit a golf shot as good as anyone has ever hit one. Therefore, it would be reasonable to think that within only weeks or months you could become a heck of a player. The interesting thing, though, is there are centuries of evidence to suggest you would be wrong. But we all keep falling for the same trap. We don’t learn from history and continue to believe that the fix lies in the next swing. This game is ruthless and will eat away at your confidence and your time... tic, tic, tic.

Years ago, young people would seek out mentors in hopes that the older person’s learned successes and especially their failures would help the apprentice accelerate their learning curve.

Now a days this doesn’t seem like the cool thing to do.  I watch young golfers making the same mistakes I did as they tell me what they are working on. I know it won’t work and I try to warn them, but they look at me like I have three eyes, like golf was invented yesterday and that everything they are doing and trying is new.

Honestly, decades ago the teaching and learning of golf was solved as much as it’s going to get. We were on the right track and then somewhere in the '60s we moved away from that right track and got on to things that are not going to make us better.

We refuse to believe that the answers lie in improving the human. This means that by creating a higher sense of awareness through our hands and feet we can then create the ability to hit “balance conditions" that are not normal for a human to be comfortable with. Sounds like ballet, karate, boxing or tumbling.

The revolution has already started but it will take decades to filter down to the masses. What I am talking about is happening now, the masses don’t want to hear this and there will be many teachers who will tell the masses what the masses want to hear.

The fascinating thing is that what I am talking about is far more fun to learn than the way the masses now go about it.

Here is your clue to knowing if you’re on the right track. Think about how we humans are structured and put together – we are designed to learn. If the information you’re getting is not about how to move your hands and how to control your weight through your feet, then I am suggesting something is wrong. There is a reason why so many neuroreceptors reside in your hands and feet.

Unfortunately, you have so much contradictory information coming at you that you don’t know what or who to believe.

I hope you take a moment to look at my site at On the homepage you can find my 12-minute video outlining my thoughts and ideas on how you should go about the learning process.

Please try to find flaws, try to find contradictions and listen in with pure skepticism. If what I say does not make sense, you can cross me off your list of “Golf Pros to listen to”.

If quick tips are what you’re looking for you won’t like my site. If an organized process is what you want, then this is the site for you.

Cheers Mark.