Golf Mechanics

There are so many opinions about golf these days that it’s easy to get messed up.

I read comments on Facebook about how the best players do not think about mechanics when they play. That is NOT TRUE. What really happens with the best player, and also even when you yourself are playing your best, is that mechanical thinking is definitely there – it’s just that this time it’s a good mechanical thought and it flows through your mind effortlessly, and therefore you do not recognize it as a bad thing. However, when things are going bad, we immediately blame it on our mechanical thinking even when mechanics may have had nothing to do with it.

We seem to have two major trains of thought: #1 - The guys who want to tell you to just think of the target and swing without thought, and #2 - The guys who love mechanics, but we just can’t seem to buy into that it’s a combination of both. I don't care how positive you think, if your swing mechanics are poor, the ball is going poorly. However, if your mechanics are good but you have a bad mindset, the ball can still go pretty good.

Golfers, if you are truly looking to improve, you need to fall in love with the procedures of improving both mentally and physically. Regarding mechanics, I am always telling golfers that the only mechanics they need to fear are the wrong ones. It is beyond me how a golfer can have a great mindset when they keep missing the planet with their golf shots! Let’s be honest, those who are really into golf understand this, but those who don't want to or cannot put in the time will always find a “reason” for why they are not that good.

My Point.  I believe good players in general have a mechanical thought going on when they are playing their best, they just may not recognize it as a mechanical thought because it is comfortable and because it has been pounded into us that mechanics are ALL BAD.

Hey, if all you had to do is think about the target, how hard would that be!?

Love to hear your view.

Cheers, Mark

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