Great Hand Positioning

  I believe things come to me in waves. This past week I watched two documentaries on golfers, Arnold Palmer and Ben Crenshaw. What stuck out to me was that they both stated how their teachers had noticed right away how well they put their hands on the golf club, and how they should never change. Again, this really stood out to me and got my attention.

I can’t tell you that I have ever heard a great reason why this is. However I now know why and not only why, but how.

The problem is, until a few other things are in place, the golfer will not see the benefits of their great hand positioning.

I could make a very strong argument that the strong grip style came about as a compensation for other golf motion defects.  As with any well used machine, if a part goes out it is only a matter of time until the next link in the chain breaks.

The correct way to go about the learning is to get the pieces in place, and those pieces need to be put in an organized order or combination.

Example : I would place follow through plane and correct grip style together.

Putting correct grip style and an inside towards out swing path together would be a disaster.

Don’t get confused by this, I know some smart graphics can explain it all.