A Tribute to Moe

1972  Lido Golf Center Oakville Ontario Canada .

I was 16 years old working at the Lido Golf Centre ,graphite shafts were just coming on to the market . Moe and I had known each other for 4 years at that time , he liked and trusted me , he walked into the shop and asked me if I had time to watch him hit some balls , if Moe wanted to hit balls for you ,you dropped everything and said yes . We went out to the 17th tee a straight away par four ,bunker down the left about 240 and a driving range net all down the right with a row of bushes on the fairway side of the net .

He pulled out 2 drivers ,his 5 degree wooden head on a stick and a new graphite shafted wood wood .


He said he wanted my help in deciding which one he should use, he first hit 5 balls with his piece of wood on a stick and then 5 with the new graphite club . 17 was a little up hill off the tee down hill from about 200 into the green ,from the tee we could not see the balls land or finish. Now remember Moehad a photographic memory he didn't forget anything . As we reach the crest of the fairway I start to see the balls  5 in a tight little pile just right of the left hand fairway bunker at 240 then there was another pile of 4 balls 15 yards further on the same line , he hit 10 balls , one went to the right , Moenever acknowledged that shot . Never looked in that direction ,never mentioned it . 

So he says ,what do you think ,which club should I use . Well , I jump right in and say Moe you hit the graphite 15 yards further you have to go with that . He paused 2 seconds and then said , oh no , no ,can't do that , wouldn't know how to play ,wouldn't know how to play . That was the end of that conversation . Moe knew how far he hit everything ,golf in the early 70 s was not as much about distance as it is today . Moe put accuracy and distance control ahead of distance for the want of distance .


Many years went by before Moe made the switch .


Miss you buddy .