10,000 Hours and Counting

I keep hearing lately about this new finding that it takes 10,000 hours to master an art form, musical instrument, martial arts or Golf. I'm not totally sure about the other disciplines, but as far as Golf is concerned, I wonder what the time frame would be if we could eliminate all those hours wasted working on the wrong information.

I think Golf data collectors work on the premise that golfers know what to do but they just cant do it.

We talk about reps. The only reason why I could see reps being important would be so that you could see the wanted result enough times to believe you can do it. Problem with that thinking is you are also seeing the bad reps too, and you don't know what caused what.

Both the time frame and the number of reps could be dramatically decreased if a player knew what they were doing and why the ball is doing what its doing.

I say we go in that direction.

Cheers, Mark